2012 walker evans 800

Bough it new, April 2012, has about 900 miles now. at 4 miles had engine faure so i added the following just after purchase while fixing engine; team alba bb-kit, crankworks billet stroker crank (so its about 850cc), Muzzy exh and PC-V with AT. And has been flawless til yesterday. Wife was driving it since I bought a 900xp, anyway Saturday at near end of our ride check engine light came on, she said once got to 212* and fan didnt come on and yellow check engine light would come on, go back off, come back on..

Also seem to have a slight intermittent miss right above idle a time or two.. But mainly it did not.

I got it, floored it, seemed fine up til about 40mph seemed little sluggish….

Any ideas??

Does the coolant temp sensor in T-stat housing the computer reads, does computer use its reading for fan on/off switching too?

Also can someone point me to the thread that had what parts you could by to rebuild the driveshaft aka prop shaft (runs from transfer case to front diff) rear slip yoke is worn and lose/sloppy on the forward splined shaft.

Thanks in advanced.