New to the XP1K madness!

Lurked on here for about a month, just joined up after bringing home a new XP1K from Abernathy’s this weekend. Look forward to building it up to fit my needs and budget! Not sure how many on here can say this but, we have one of these because my wife thought it would be fun for us to get out and play, who am I to deny her of good dirty fun! I ride dirt bikes too and I think she finally grew tired of my guy trips and wants to be a part of some fun! Thanks to all who post such useful info on this site, I have spent hours on here looking for securing options for my trailer to doors/winches/harnesses/tires/roofs/winshields..and the list goes on. Got about a 3hr break in ride at Moccasin Gap near Dover Ar on Saturday. Very impressive machine, plenty of power/torque on tap, seems agile and stable. Love the stance and ground clearance! Overall, very impressed, look forward to many miles ahead, thanks again for all that provide great info.