2000 Foreman 450S starter solenoid bad

So as the title says I need to buy a new starter relay. I called my local Honda dealer today and they are wanting $88 bucks plus tax.

I went to a couple of sites for oem parts I saw recommended on here and they were anywhere from $67.90 – $74.95 plus shipping.

Are the ones on Amazon really that shitty because they range from $10 and up ? There is one that has a 2 year warranty though for $40 dollars, I know you get what you pay for and I really like oem parts but what route would you guys take if you were me?

Mine works when it wants to and cranks on the first pull if needed to go that route but I want my atv fixed but hate to spend $100 dollars at my local dealer after taxes.

So would you splurge or take the $40 one with a 2 year warranty? Im afraid the $10 one will go out quick knowing my luck lol.