You have got to be kidding me Polaris!!!!!

I’ll warn you this is a rant. I can’t believe another season of riding is slowly slipping away as my very expensive machjne sits in the garage. Between the payment and street legal insurance, in literally looking at throwing away thousands gain this year.

14 xp1k, 36.7 hrs, 899 miles seems my voltage regulator has taken a dump, straight 18v, engine lite and eps on, nothing damn works. Been calling around the nation all week trying to find a damn regulator, just to find that they’re on a forever back order, how the hell can this even happen, how can this not be a recall with the number of machines affected? Put one on back order today with my local dealer, who said "hopefully you’ll have it by the end of summer, but you need to pay for it now. " REALLY? What the F? can’t believe this BS, can t even sell the damn thing as it sits, thanks for making me your Guinea Pig Polaris!!