XY Powersports Ground Pounder 1100???

First I’d just like to say, sorry I haven’t been on here for a while. I just got married a couple of weeks ago. For the last few months, all my time and energy has went into that. But, now I’m back with a question.

I’m in the market for a SxS soon. I found one at a local dealer that I’d never heard of before and I can’t find any reviews on the net. I found a few videos on youtube and a few for sale, but no real info. It’s called the XY Powersports Ground Pounder 1100. They’re labeled as a dune buggy instead of SxS or UTV. They are wide long and low like a Wild Cat. They have a CVT, high and low with reverse. They have 2×4, 4×4 and diff lock. The cool part is they have an 1100cc 4 cylinder engine.

My question is, does anyone have any first hand experience or knowledge of these things, especially concerning quality and reliability?