XP1K clutch failing before belt

I have an 2014 1000xp. I had to replace the clutch at 900 miles after blowing 3 belts. the new stock clutch only lasted about 350 miles before I lost top end and the clutch started sticking. Within that time in blew the stock OEM belt and I replaced it with a gates belt. there is aprox. 145 miles on gates belt. one of the rollers has a big flat spot while 2 of the weights have a good worn groove in them. My car is stock. I run mostly in the sand and run the stock knobby tires. I also use the stock 2015 upgrade clutch cover and I JUST installed a clutch fan.
So obviously the stock clutch isn’t working for me. Looking for a better solution. I don’t mind blowing belts but can’t afford to replace clutches every season or every trip. Any suggestions?