wrap around tread on tires

I’m a new rider. I learned at Hatfield earlier this week that I ride very aggressively… fast and through the rough stuff. I was keeping up with the guys I was riding with and they were on dirtbikes. We were probably averaging between 30 and 35 mph. I love to ride aggressively and I don’t want to slow down. Here’s the problem: I busted two tires and put a mighty gash in a third (which was brand new!). Is there a tire out there with treads along the sidewall?? I think this would be a better solution than more plyes. This would be a big help if there is. If I have to slow down I will probably sell the RZR Or I’ll just be stuck with riding in areas without rocks :rm_thumbdown: I appreciate any help you guys can provide and any advice you might have. I have a few different riding trips (Windrock, HattyMac, etc) coming up and I’m a little bumbed thinking about having to slow down over rocks and maybe even rougher terrain.