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32x10x15 STI Chicane Measurements and weights

Well first of all I would like to thank Alterative Offroad for the great price and fast shipping.

So here it goes the tires are Big and Heavy But as for the little test ride yesterday and today it doesn’t seem to affect the turbo she still wants to pull hard so I’m not to worried about the weight .

Traction they have a lot of it and I love it instead of the the front wanting to spin when coming out of a corner when on the gas you can feel the front wanting to pull. They still do spin just not nearly as much as the Big Horns.

Size and shape They are really close to the advertised size. And the shape I would say it between the Mongrels And the Tensor not to round not to square.

I know this isn’t the best review I just don’t have enough time on them to say much more. If you have any questions feel free to ask ill post some more pics in a bit.

On to the Pics
Attachment 181929
Just the tire

Attachment 181937
Tire mounted on A 15×7 Method Beadlock

Attachment 181945

Attachment 181953
13PSI on the car

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aggressive lightweight tire.

I’m looking for new tires but want an aggressive tire that’s lightweight. No luck so far finding something I like that’s light. I really like the pitbull growler but it’s a little heavy.
If anybody has any suggestions I’d appreciate it. 12 inch rim by the way. Also for dirt, trails not in mud much.

RZR XC wheel spacers with photos

Hey y’all,

I was having issues while riding with breaking my fender plastic when I would go through a deep rut where the RZR was tipped to one side. The issue was with the way the extended flares have a lip that stick out well past the tire. The lip would rub on the ground and crack. Instead of changing fenders I decided to go with 1.5" wheel spacers to get the tires just on the outside of the flares. This should also help with the stability. I think the 1.5" were perfect as it does not get the tires to far outside the flares keeping the mud in the cab down.

Super ATV wheel spacers seem to be built well and tuck nicely inside the factory offset Polaris wheels.

Let me know what you guys think!


Tensor tires in the dunes?

Has anyone had a chance to run the Tensor Regulators in the dunes. I have paddles for my XPT1000 but we are going with a group to Ogilby that splits the riding between the dunes and trail riding in the mountains east of the Ogilby camp area. I wondered if the Tensors would be a better choice than my stock Big Horns for this ride. I have both but have not run the Tensor’s in the dunes yet. Any actual experience would be appreciated.