Will this grease work?

I’ve been greasing the RZR and Sportsman with Green grease for years and it’s been great. BUT…
I was looking for a good wheel bearing grease for my trailers and decided to go with Schaeffer’s #274. In all my research, all I learned is that I don’t know squat about grease.
The Schaeffer’s is proportedly a good chassis grease as well. What I’m wondering is, does anyone with more knowledge than myself think this would be fine for use on the RZR and Sportsman? I would like to minimize the number of different greases and guns lying around, plus the Schaeffer’s is about $3 cheaper per tube than Green grease.
Also, do you happen to know if these 2 greases would be compatible? Don’t want to pump a different grease in there and have a bad reaction but I don’t want to tear everything apart to get the other grease out of there.