Whiskey Dick Ride 5/3/2015

Whiskey Dick Ride May 3, 2015. 10 AM

This ride will stage at a Green Dot parking area about 11 miles West of Vantage on the Old Vantage Highway (the place with the corral, for those familiar). A Discover Pass is required. We’ll head on over toward the petrified forest area but turn before we get there (it’s closed to ORVs), head North along the river (stop for a break at the river), then cut over to Whiskey Dick’s cabin before heading South again.

We’ll make a side trip to go visit a windmill up close and personal (those things are IMPRESSIVE in person), and then close the loop back to the staging area.

This ride is about 45 miles if we visit the windmills, minus 10 miles if we skip them. It will take at least four hours, probably more. If people wanted a longer ride, we could easily add another 20 miles of riding (also a round trip, 10 miles each direction) along a ridge line on the "old army road", which has some great scenery too.

Most of the riding is canyons and valleys, hard dirt roads, some off-camber rutty areas, rocks sticking up out of the dirt.
You should air up your tires for this one, and make sure you have plenty of gasoline, drinking water and tire plug kits on hand, and make sure your radiators are clean. There is not much shade on this ride, and it can be brutal to the unprepared ORV/rider.

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Staging Area:

Attractions on this ride:

  • Colorful flowers blooming on small cactus plants.
  • Scenic canyons and ridges.
  • Wide open spaces.
  • Old homestead cabin (now pretty much destroyed).
  • Meet a windmill in person, see bird impact stains on the blades, hear the sound the tips of the blades make, realize just how fast the tips are actually moving.
  • Understand that the reason you can see them clearly from 30 miles away is because they are enormous!