Which set up for xp4 1000

Hey guys I’m ready to pull the trigger on some new wheels and tires. I’ve been In contact with a few people for prices, so just trying to decide on which combo? Which size wheel, and tires… So far looking at… I know a few of the tires and wheels only come in 14" with a 30" or 15" with a 31" so that’s kinda something I need help with as well… Which you prefer? I do mainly desert and trail riding with some mud when we get rain here in AZ…I do like aggressive looking tires,and I have paddles n such for dunes.
Msa m21 lok 14" or 15" with MotoClaws 30" or 31" or motor hammers…
Sti hd4 14" or 15" in same tires? Pit bull growler?