whats a bad cv joint sound like

honestly haven’t dug into anything, just figured I’d ask here first to get a heads up as to what I’m looking for when I get time to tear into it.

Last couple times I’ve ridden when the 4wd kicks in and I have to turn the bars left I get a very distinct rachetcing feel thru the bars and a distinct click click click noise…..but only when the front end is under load trying to claw out or up something. When back on normal trails and maybe a moderate engagement of awd I don’t notice anything…just under a good load.

Assuming it’s the CV joint that took a crap, going to jack it up and check all the CV boots and see if one has a tear or something that allowed crude to get in and start the destruction.

Can you JUST change the cv joint, or do guys just order a whole new half shaft?