what in the heck is this world coming to

2 weeks ago my son’s car was stolen, yes the keys where in it but it was on our property, we call the police, they don’t find it but we get a tip that is in a trailer park in another Town, so we call the police they go there yep its my sons car, Different license plates already, car cleaned, muffler fixed, in the guys Drive way, the Police find the keys to the car in his Bedroom, can’t arrest him, he said its not his car, so the car goes to the impound, the Police call and say Alex can pick up his Car at this Tow Place, towing and Impound fee 400$,
and new plates 22$, The law protects the guilty this really sucks.
then yesterday my oldest son has a construction company they are doing some work at the local Ballpark, they have a pallet of Motor Mix Delivered, 50 bags shrink wrapped on the pallet, yep next morning gone, pallet there shrink wrap there, but pick up tracks and 2 people tracks loading ,then call the cops and they say more then likely never will find them no evidence, really starting to lose my Faith in our Law system, so today I am working in the alley in our small town, and here comes a car 2 guys in it cursing slow thru the alley stopping and looking behind house’s and open garages, so I do recognize the one man, just got out of Jail I know that because his parents are friends of ours, in jail for theft, so I follow them to get License plate number and call into county cops, dispatcher tells me that could be harassment me following them, she did not take the License plate number from me. WOW