Thinking about going to a Polaris from Kawie

Well like it says I’m pondering trading in my 2014 Brute Force for a Sportsman Touring. Basically I want a touring for my wife so she can go with me on some rides. She doesn’t want her own machine at all so this is kind of where I’m at. I love my Brute Force with its instant power and and sporty like handling, but I know Polaris rides better. she nor I are into sxs so this is the best option I think, plus a touring being longer should ride good. Bad part is losing the BruteForce fun factor. So it’s going to be a 570 or 850 if I do it. I have done some shopping and I see for 2015 Polaris has a new design for the second seat and different angle on the handgrips. Also the shock under the passenger seat is no longer there. The 570 is more of a basic design, but still looks comfy. I won’t lie I’m struggling with a bit, kinda like trading in a fun car for a mini van lol. What do you guys think, save money on a 570 then add a QSC kit for more pep or just go 850 from the start. I like the looks of both rigs.