Ransom and I got to Moab a couple days early and headed out for a short afternoon ride and look around.
As the title reads, we headed up Kane’s Creek.
The first 20 miles let us work through a few wash-outs, a few dozen creek crossings, a couple sand-hill climbs and several rock fields before starting into the canyon cut and the creek bed drop.
The terrain had changed a lot due to erosion in the last year, so above the drop with the single ramp, we turned around and started back to the trucks.

There is a trail up there, and this was Ransom pulling from my machine up the next rock ledge above bench under the overhang in the previous picture.

Once he pulled up behind me, I started up the last ledge and the left lower a-arm (I think but can not prove it) turned into a pretzel.

I say ‘I think’ because the tire/wheel buckled over, hooked the rock wall on the left and sent the grizz over the edge to the right. The trail is not as wide as the grizz is long, so the shit hit the fan. I got on the gas to slow the fall and went over somewhere back in the shadowed area of this picture.

It first hit on the rear rack area and the box took the big hit. As it hit I bailed to the right and missed the back breaking rocks. When the grizz bounced back in the air, the box (I’m guessing) got the back of my leg.
The grizz came down after a 180* back flip, hit on its nose in the creek and fell on its right side.
Other than not being able to stand up, I was all right. (Nothing Broke but the grizz)
We used Ransom’s winch from above and got the grizz back on all four, then I was able to crawl on top of it and drive up the other side of the bank.
There was a storm on the way and a flash flood would have destroyed the grizz.
I was able to crawl through the creek, up the ramp and to Ransom’s grizz. We got up that last ledge and spent the next two hours getting me back to the truck in camp.
I got the new a-arm part on the way the next morning.
I’ll be able to finish the story when the others get their videos and pictures ready, and I am able to unload the grizz for the after pictures.