STU Sand Tires and Wheels XP 1000

I want to get a set of liught weight beadlocks wheels with an offset and or increased width to make the RzR a bit wider than stock.

For tires I think I am looking to go with some Play cut Sand Tires Unlimited Paddles, and something nice and wide for the front so that it will float (undecided on which tire to get for the front). Also on my ATV I ended up getting a 1" wider rim than the tire is usually setup for to help make it wider and float better. Any options like that for the RzR? (They were STU Razor backs and I would love to see something similar for the RzR!). The angled front rib really helps with steering but leaves the ability to slide a bit. Also seems to direct sand in the proper direction when the wheels kick it up.
Razor Back Sand Tire

Open to suggestions.