Small Coolant Drip @ weep – Cause for Worry?

Hey guys,

at 80 hours I pulled the engine, replaced the water pump seal, oil pump seal (behind water pump seal), removed stator cover, flywheel, and replaced main crank case oil seal. During the process I drilled out the weep hole, installed grease fitting with drilled out ball, and ran vent line off the grease fitting to keep crud from getting in my weep hole and ruining the seal.

I just did my first hard ride since the repair, and it was successful – 4 or 5 hours ride time. After cleaning the machine, I noticed a small amount of coolant in my vent line off the weep hole (the volume of coolant is about 3/4" long in 3/16" diameter clear vent hose for reference).

Would you be worried about this or keep riding it and see if it continues to accumulate before replacing the water pump seal for a 2nd time (it is not "pissing coolant" like most searches refer to?

My ride was in red clay which packed my motor, and my engine temperatures were consistently 195 – 205 degrees. A couple of times after turning the machine off and back on, the temperature were briefly at 220 degrees before fan kicked on. Search results indicate that if you do not let your engine idle with the fan running to cool the motor down, you can damage a seal from high temperature spikes.

Thanks in advance,