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2009 rzr 800s putting 2013 800 cyl?

Hey everyone ! Just got a question here , my rzr musta ate some dirt cause we’re doing a top end rebuild and we got some pretty heavy scoring . Just wondering if a 2013 rzr 800 cylinder would work ? As we have one here from my buddy doing a big bore ! If not a new one it is . Any help in the right direction is greatly appreciated ! Thanks !

Hours on machine

Hello all I’m new to the site and rzr’s as well I’m asking a lot of questions and I appreciate your input. Thanks. I was wondering about how to tell how many hours are on my machine when I go to the screen with the wrench that I was told would blink on startup when it was time for service it seems like it is counting down ?? Also the dealer told me that they should do the first service at 25 hours intense service they said I’m just a little confused because I cant tell how many hours are on machine ??? 2014 800 thanks again

rzr 800 not running right

I have a stock 2009 rzr 800.It was running fine but when I started it yesterday it started then died after several attempts to start it started and run rough at about 900 rpm after a few mins it idled up to regular idle like 1150 to 1200 rpm but just didn’t sound right acted like running in a strain.I rode several hours shutting off and on and started back fine but just don’t sound correct and didn’t seem as snappy with throttle response.Then today had to go through same process to get running and sounds sameway.It smells like its running rich also.Any ideas whats going on with it??

Rzr newb looking for purchasig advise…

1st post here guys, just recently got the urge to buy a used Rzr and stumbled on this site which looks like its gona be tons of help.
Anyway. I wemt and looked at a 08 800efi last wknd but the guy was a young farmer who claimed to only mid it. The unit was not mint at all but had only 1200 miles and about 100 hours homemade doors and a clutch kit. He sayd he rebuilt the top end of the motor once already too. So I was ify about that one so going to look at a 2011 800 with a few more accessories this morning. Just wondering what and how I cam check it over instead of test drivong and goin with my gut which I usually tend to do anyway. Im no mechanic but I temd to diy as much as possible on my trucks and whatever else I can so Im sure I can figire these things out eventualy to.

800xc front diff mount failure/Replacement

Well after the dealer and warranty company refusing to fix my front diff mount from extreme cracking, a buddy and i finally got around to fixing the front Diff mounting plate and reenforcing the steering rack mount, i torn the steering rack mount plate off the frame and broke the steering rack

So i ordered a rack boss from and got to work on it. all in all it turned out great. Took us about 45 minutes to tear it all down to the frame up front and then about 3 hours of fab work making the new mounting plate and redoing the steering mount.

I have been a little harder then most on my rzr its held up rather good but this thin 16 gauge metal was not cutting it. we used 12GA and made it double sheer.

I really want to get the S1000 but they are just so much money. So for now ill keep rocking the old 800xc.

Here are some pics of the front end work

When it broke on the trail i lost all steering since the mount tore off, i had to get atv winch and winch the rack back to the frame and suck it tight, worked really well to get me off the trail

Wheel and Tire Packages

Looking for advise or suggestions on some new wheels and tires for my 2013 Rzr 4 800 EPS. Want a set that is under a grand and is good on the pavement and trails. Anyone up sized? How’s it look? Was thinking of buying a wheel/tire package on eBay with some Mongrels. I have endless ideas and options just want to know some experienced opinions. Thanks!

2011 rzr 800 s

Hey, everyone. I am new to this and I have found a Polaris rzr 800s that has a knocking in the motor. I am wondering what is a good price to buy this with it need motor work and also how bad is it to rebuild an engine on one of these. If anyone has a service manual pdf that would be greatly appreciated.


Grr did i goof

So over the last few days I have pulled the trans out of my rzr to
Fix my shifting I did the work I checked, double checked and triple checked
to make sure everything was as it is supposed to be.
I installed my trans today and in back of my mind I knew or felt something wasn’t
I decided to start it up before I installed front drive line.My machine wouldn’t
Move.after some head and behind scratching I discovered my problem..
Can’t do nothing but laugh and go back in again.

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Voltage fluctuation on 2014 800

Wonder if any of you folks watch the volt meter when you are riding? We run our heated clothes on the RZR when we are out in the cold weather. The voltage jumps back and forth from 11.7 to 13.9 with the gear turned on. We’ll turn it off and it takes awhile for the voltage to come back up sometimes, other times it will jump right back to 13 or so. It fluctuates most of the time, just more when there is a load on it. Worries me, last RZR we had had a voltage regulator failure so this keeps me on my toes. We’ve not had it run the battery down yet.
Any input and advice would be appreciated.