Skinny Outlaw 2s and re clutching

Alright guys so a few months ago my 400 ranchers tranny blew up on me so I’m saving up for a new to me grizzly (probably a 2012) and I am probably going to purchase one some time around summer before I go to Colorado to ride. Anyways to the point of this thread, I will be buying tires and wheels shortly after getting the bike and I was leaning towards 28" mega mayhems or 28" zillas. I’ve owned zillas on my old recon I had a few years back and liked em. I live down in texas and we have some nasty clay mud and some muskeg/ water bed type mud around my house. Also I ride sand on the river. We go riding up in pine mountain Oklahoma and mena Arkansas and this summer we are going to colorado. So I will be riding rocks mud sand you call it I will be going thru or over it. So what do you think will be the best tire for me? Also any suggestions on wheels? Thanks!