RZR Rodeo near Goldendale,WA.

Started planning a UTV event at Eddieville Motorsports park. Possibly this September,November or next spring .

Thinking of a 2 day event with fun events for all ages/ abilities.

Saturday will be the rodeo ( All brands welcome) with multiple events to participate in.

So far the ideas include : Slalom: down and back through tires, timed.

Team Jousting: snagging rings hung/ supported and snagged with an appropriate lance.

obstacle course: hills, rocks ( big & little), logs,Tires, ….?

Motocross track -timed laps, wearing a water balloon- filled Bra- no head to head.

GP course timed, no head to head.

team egg carry/set/ retrieve( or water balloons)

2 vehicle team water carry: 1 UTV going forward 1 going backward ,supporting a gallon bucket of water with a hand held rope between them, down and back on a simple slalom exchanging forward/backwards positions and coming back to start through the slalom. Each vehicle goes forward one way and backwards the other. Communication skill test!

teeter totter? BIG totter!!

High jump?

Water crossing? how deep can YOU go.

Mud optional: trust me it’s a bear to clean up our mud. Maybe an optional route on the Slalom or obstacle course.

Sunday. Races -20 minute motocross, 45 minute GP -Baja start( 1 vehicle per 30 seconds) , supercross/endurocross on/in our 1/2 mile flattrack.

Food vendor, T-shirts, special awards, flush bathrooms, bleachers overlooking the flat track and overlooking the MX track

open to more suggestions

Just started brainstorming. The Over The Bars Gang race group run 800’s, 900’s , and 1000 RZR’s. We use them in our race setups and play with them in between events. In the past, we have put on truck & buggy races with a separate 6 hr UTV race. Sadly, when the economy tanked, participation in our truck & Buggy races went away. We are testing the waters to see if there is any interest in this event.

More info at Over The Bars Gang :: Home of Eddieville Euro GP Park & Starvation Ridge

Thanks for any input, Scott