review SUPERATV 900S plastic doors.

doors came from UPS is a slightly damaged box but contents were fine.
the 2 doors, 2 lower braces, hardware and instructions.
Instructions in the package were for the 1000, So I downloaded the 900 instructions. Couple things the instructions tell you to do you can skip, you don’t have to remove door handles, maybe loosen if you have issues fitting at the end. YOu also dont have to remove the hinge pivot bushings.
the fit of the stock frame to the plastic doors had me worried, I dry fitted it and some hole were about 1/8 in off. I attached the lower brace to the stock frame, leaving it loose to adjust for fit. then attached frame to new door. Start by attaching the middle of the frame to the door, then work your way to the outside. This was the hardest part as I had to push, pull and force the frame to line up with screw holes. The screws at the door handle were the most off, I put them on after I attached the door to the ATV.
It was easy to align the doors at the end with the ATV, just hold door in position and tighten hinges. No ride with the doors yet. The main goal is to reduce mud, time will tell.