Reverse rev limiter

Hey guys I’m new to the forum I’m not to sure where to post this but I’m having some issues with a 2006 grizzly 660, it has a fresh carb rebuild and it cranks up like a charm but when its idling in neutral and I mash the gas a little it revs up fine then when I mash it down harder and it gets to high in the rpms it starts bogging down and back popping the reverse light is flashing. The four wheeler is not only doin this in neutral and reverse (like its suppose to) its doing it when I’m going forward as well. I read on thus forum that it may be my reverse rev limiter sensor going bad and I read ab the mod to ground the green and white striped wire to ovveride the rev limiter and I have did as described for the mod my problem now is that its still doing the exact same thing as before and the reverse light is still flashin as before the wire was groynded . I know i spliced into the right wire its the wire that goes down to the spark plug looking thing under the air box .Thanks in advance to all help I am very lost about this.