Renegade bogging / stalling after 2 hrs of riding.

Ok I bought this thing 5 months ago and I will say even with all the struggles I have had its still my favorite toy I have ever had. So when I bought my Renegade the first ride I went on it ran amazingly. The next ride we are riding and after about 2 hrs it starts bogging down after about 2 hours of riding but it would never die it would just idle, once you turned if off and turned it back on it would run for about 30 seconds then bog again. I initially thought it was just a loose ground but I tightened and greased the ground went on a ride that didn’t work. Long story short I figured out it was a bad fuel pump. I replaced that and cleaned the tank put new fuel in and she ran like a dream, for 3 rides that is. Now she is doing something very similar but also different..

After about 2 hrs or so she starts stalling, but now it does it when you let off the throttle, and try to get back on it. And it will not idle for very long it will just end up stalling it’s self out.. It’s not throwing any codes, when it’s running it runs better than ever. I guess the fuel pump could of gone bad again but that seems unlikely and when you turn the key and you can hear the pump prime it sounds normal. Anybody have any ideas on what this could be
It’s stating to make me sad that I cannot go on a ride without it having problems. Sorry that was a really long read, thanks for sticking it through. Here is a video of what she is doing. Thanks guys.