Rancher irs gear reduction questions

Ok guys so I bought a rancher 420 at (independent rear suspension model) last Sunday and I have a long list of mods I plan on doing. Anyways one of the first mods come summer when I get the money will be wheels and tires. I’ve decided on 28x10x14 silverback x lites on 14" msa battle wheels In a 4×3 offset. I know mine won’t pull these with the high hearing of the at (my brother had the same quad before he got his brute force and he had 26" skinny wide x lites with stock gearing) and I’m planning on installing the rancher sra (solid rear axle) secondary/final gears in it so that I will be able to turn these tires sufeciantly. I have read a ton of threads on the installation and there is a guy on here that did a great write up but it was for an sra. I was wondering if anyone could possibly post a wrote up for me of them doing this mod for the IRS model rancher that I have. Thanks