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2015 rubicon snorkel question?!

I’m about to trade my bike for a 2015 Honda rubicon and the guy recently just put a new snorkel on the bike. He said he used 1.5 inch pipe for the snorkel. I’ve had bikes with snorkels before and used 2 inch pipe. My question is this going to effect the way the bike runs/performs compared to using 2 inch pipe for the snorkle? Any feed back is appreciated. Thanks!:icon_ rocker:

rancher 350 cutting out at half throttle

2005 Rancher 350 ,HMF ,bored out to the Max limit,carb jetted up . Ran great for about a month. Now starts cutting out at half throttle. Sounds like a rev limiter.
Also, it won’t hold back in any gear when you let off the throttle going down hill or any time. It just recently started doing this.

Any help would be greatly appreciated to the max!