Question on front axle wobble

I noticed that both axles on the front, have wobble. Where the inner CV joint, the large cup with the splined shaft, goes into the front diff… It has play in it and moves about.

Both rears are tight as a drum after 1000 miles, no wiggle at all.

The front, there is a good bit on both sides.

It feels like when you put a screw that is one size below the size of the hole… It’s in there, but it isn’t a tight fit and wobbles around a good bit.

My assumption here is that the splines are wearing out, but before I start taking it all apart, is this common, something that just happens over time? And if so, is it usually the axle side or the gearbox side that wears out?

MY hope is that the axle side is softer metal and wears out first, being that they tend to need replacement from time to time. I hope it isn’t the gearbox side, as I can imagine what that would cost and probably won’t be covered by my 5 year warranty.