Perfex Suspening Kit for 350 Bruin

I’ve heard and read about the Perfex kit for a while now. I had talked with someone regarding the kit some time back and there is no kit for the Brin.

After doing some research I’ve found out the Wolverine 450 and 350 Bruin share a similar frme. The main thing that I’ve found is that the Bruin has a lip/bracket welded to the upper front rail to install the rad. They both share the same part on the rear where the shock mount is located. A-arms are an exact match as well.

Decided to take a gamble and order a kit for the Wolverine.

There are two plates that attach to the upper rail, in front of the gas tank, where the shocks are mounted. I had to cut and grind them in order to get them to fit properly. Long story short, it was a beach of a job but it can be done!

Also had to make some makeshift bushings for the lower shock mounts as well. Other than these mods I’m hoping it’ll all work fine.

I did take it for a short scook this evening on the main road but have to try it on the trail. They’re still snow covered so it’ll be a while yet before I can hit some dirt with the kit.

The quad is rather quick on its stering with the Perfex kit. From my short ride it appears to be smoother but I’ll know more once I’m able to take it off road with the rough stuff. I did find a few bumps etc. and it appears to be smoother than before. Again, I’ll know more once I have some trail time in.

Anyone out there know if the Wolverine 450 and Bruin have different front shock lengths or whether they ‘re are the same length?

I’ll be sure to keep you all posted on my findings.