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1995 question

Hello all,

I just bought a 95′ BigBear from a guy who hooked up jumper cables backwards in the atv. He didn’t want to work on it so I got it cheap.

My plan of attack is to order stator, rectifier/regulator and stator. Got it all from ebay for $60. I’m saving the CDI do to its expense and am hoping to get off cheap.

I have a couple questions.

First, can the atv start in gear? I’m trying to see if I need a neutral switch also.

Second, I noticed there were two grounds to the frame under the front plastic. One has a ground wire going into the harness the other is just the leed, wire looks broke off. Does anyone know where this goes and if I need to fix it? Any pics of yours would be great.

Thanks all.

Kodiak Wolverine engine swap

I have an 03 Kodiak 450 and put a 08 Wolverine 450 motor in it, The wolverine had been wrecked and totaled at 500 miles. I heard the engine run perfectly before I removed it.

After a few mods on the front drive shaft and a axle swap. Started plugging the wiring harness the Kodiak to the Wolverine motor, everything was plug and play except for the gear indicator wires,

Started it up and the valves were rattling pretty good. I drove it around some and it died a couple times so I shut it down.

I’m thinking that the Kodiak CDI is the problem with the Wolverine motor running so poorly? The wrong CDI is telling it to fire at the wrong time?

What do yall think?

Thank you

2003 400 Kodak

How does antifreeze get pushed into air box. No antifreeze in oil, no leaks around head, and plug looks fine. Not over heating, any suggestions. Water pump impeller doesn’t seem to be working. Pull radiator cap off while running and antifreeze just sits there and doesn’t move. Is it possible to have it build pressure and push coolant into air box?

’94 Kodiak, steering from hell


I was given a ’94 Kodiak by an old farmer acquaintance. Its in pretty rough shape, and will require a fair bit of work to get "nice" again. Mostly just wear items that havnt been replaced, so no big deal.
However, the tires are bald and "scupped". I took it for a drive and the thing wants to steer everywhere other than where you want it to go! First gear is dangerous, nevermind highway speeds. I figured it was ball joints or tie rod ends, but they check out ok, as do the a arm bushings.
Would alignment make this big of a problem?
Both front shocks need replacement, but I wouldn’t think that would cause the hunting either.

Any opinions would be greatly appreciated, as the thing is worse to ride than an angry steer! lol

Sweet forum here BTW!

Yamaha Kodiak 450 Hesitation

Hi Everyone,

I have a 2003 Kodiak 450 that has a hesitation issue from 1/4 to 1/2 throttle. Past 1/2 the machine runs beautifully
If I add some choke or restrict some air flow into the carb, the machine runs fine in all positions

I, along with another mechanic have gone through carb, valve adjustment, spark, intake leaks.

What else could this issue be as I have exhausted all ideas?