Online Product Reviews – what’s the point?

I recently wrote a review on the ATV Superstore’s website about a product I purchased recently, and the review was erased. What’s the point of writing honest reviews if the webmaster is going to cherry pick the ones that are posted? If you are going to have a review section you have to take the good with the bad. Reputable vendors are aware of that and post all comments on their sites whether they are positive or not.

I bought the busted belt toolkit for $169.00. I live in Canada and there is an exchange rate to consider of course. At the time I bought it a few weeks ago it was 20%. The ATV Superstore can’t control exchange rates and I have no problem with that. I was charged 29% exchange rate, so it was padded almost 10%. That was the bank, not ATV Superstore. I was originally charged $184.94 on my Visa so I assume I was charged state tax because the list price was $169.00. I have been buying things online for many years and have never paid state tax on items being shipped out of the USA to Canada. With the exchange rate the bill came to $239.00. Then to add insult to injury I was stung with $26 duty for a grand total of $265.00 – for an $80 belt and and $15 tool kit.

I realize that duty and exchange rates are out of the average business owner’s hands. In my review on ATV Superstore’s site I said that I understand that they can’t control such things. I was simply warning Canadian customers to not waste their money on this product due to the extra charges. After all it’s an $80 belt and $15 Sears Craftsman 10 piece socket set. However I did notice the price was reduced $10 after I wrote my review. I could have saved myself $150 if I bought the separate pieces here. Is that ATV Superstore’s fault? Of course not. I fully admit I should have researched the purchase better before hand. I just wanted to warn other Canadians of the issue so they didn’t have the same thing happen to them.