One tooth off on steering hub

Hello guys and gals,
I just finished a complete suspension overhaul. Shock therapy stage 2 and special carriers on all 4 corners. Should have been my first upgrade!
Also got an Assault steering wheel/hub quick release setup. By the time everything was over, I ended up one spline tooth off to the right on the steering shaft going lock to lock as far as centering goes.
I have adjusted the tie rods to compensate and everything looks really good and straight. Less than 1/4" difference side to side on the threads.
So, it drives straight and wheel is centered but I know I can turn sharper to the right than the left by a small margin. Should I worry about this or not?
I figure I can gas it and drift around left hand turns easier than righty’s right?!
I really don’t want to tear up that sweet new hub with a puller…:rm_thumbdown: