No Sway Bars – Shock Preload

I am pretty much brand new to the RZR community. Picked up my 570 in September, but in my neck of the woods riding is limited to the end of May through November. I have made a number of mods preparing for this spring and can’t wait to get out riding again.

After spending days…weeks…no…MONTHS scouring this web site, I am going to make the leap into removing the rear sway bars (I already removed the fronts). This is where I am really hoping for some feedback from those that have already done this. I realize preload settings vary greatly and are largely a matter of personal preference, vehicle, and riding conditions, but I would like to hear what works for you so that I get an idea where to begin.

I currently have a RT 2" lift with SATV springs on stock shocks. I think the springs are 150 lbs front and 225 lbs rear. Operator and passenger weights are somewhere around 450 lbs total, with about 100-150 lbs of gear. I ride in New Hampshire where the trails range from rocky and slightly technical to gravel logging roads. Speeds range from about 10mph to 30mph.

An input on a starting point for front and rear preload settings and advice is greatly appreciated!!