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Any of you using RiderX App from Polaris?

I’ve been using the app for a couple rides just to log the ride and add info for Polaris to ass my trails to their database. I stumbled across this Link dongle that plugs into your RZR in that pigtail under the center stack. It links to your smartphone so that you can use RiderX offline maps and get a readout if what your RZR is doing. Basically give you gauges in your smartphone. $300 seemed steep to me, but if it worked well, might be worth it.
Here’s the link to the Link (get it?)

Windshield washer install/review

Well, I finally got off my butt and installed the windshield washer kit I bought from Amazon this past summer.

The kit is pretty straight forward, as was the install. The directions left a lot to be desired, but what do you expect when it comes from China. Luckily, I wasn’t picky about the country of origin because this is a pretty sweet setup for under $30.
Install: first things first, open everything up and do a quick visual inventory (there is a count of everything, pictures with a numbered labeling system on the outer box/wrapping.
– find where it is you want to mount the reservoir/pump. Drill your first hole, mine was in the firewall under the pelican case holder as it offered the best protection and room. The provided mounting bolt and nut fit well for this area, it looks like it might come up short, but it’ll work. My top round bolt mount I incorporated into my ground wire anchor for my fuse block. More on that later.
– drill the second mounting bolt hole. You have some play here with this as the secondary bolt has a slot versus a hole. Space was really tight for me, and my Porter Cable compact cordless drill wouldn’t fit to drill the hole from the outside in. I ended up drilling from inside the footwear through the firewall approximately 1.5-2 inches from the top hole. Now tighten the reservoir holding bracket down.
– next, I would pre-wire your 2 pin push button and run the wires through the hole in the firewall that your main harness forward goes through. I used the wire that came with the kit, but opted for crimp connectors and shrink tape instead of provided electrical connectors. I didn’t think they’d stand up well for something that occasionally gets wet.
-Here’s where that negative power bolt connection to the the reservoir bracket comes in. I crimped a washer style connector with shrink tape to the negative wire going from the clip on pump power connector piece and fastened it down with the securing screw and nut on the side of the reservoir bracket after slipping the reservoir /pump into it. That bracket is now one large negative terminal. Clip in the power to the pump and give the button a quick push to test the connection. If you can hear the pump, it’s good to go.
– time to plumb it. Figure our where you want your nozzles. They do provide good pressure/ distance. Since I had the hood off along with pelican case/mount out, I drilled my holes for the nozzles just to the side of the hood lined up with the plastic cross piece behind the radiator. See picture. They give you a three way hose connector I made the hose on the passenger side shorter and put that connector towards that side since the port coming out the pump is on that side. Connect both nozzles to the 3-way and the pump nipple to the center port of the 3-way.
– fill with fluid and test your nozzle placement. I had to elevate my nozzles with spacers I made with layering electrical tape and trimming the edges. As is, the nozzles spray right at the top of the Ryfab windshield vent. Zip tie everything into place.
– place your bottom wherever you want. I’m planning in eventually getting a team alba 4 switch panel, so I mounted my red button in the area I’ll be cutting out for it.
Anyway, that’s it. Took about 30 minutes total to put in. Time to try it out tomorrow. Hoping for mud for a good test.
Where I placed the reservoir.…04417.jpg?dl=0
Top of reservoir, I used a tubed funnel yo fill it. Just take out the case and pop the lid.…04532.jpg?dl=0
Side shot of nozzles.…25325.jpg?dl=0
Top view of nozzles. You’ll have to zoom in, they’re small.…25309.jpg?dl=0
Red button placement.…04908.jpg?dl=0
Will post my review after my ride tomorrow. So far, the pressure is pretty strong. When adjusting the nozzles, I sprayed myself in the face. Not the smartest thing to do, but I know first hand how strong the pump is pushing.

RZR Owners Council Survey

Did you get the survey? What’s an item you, "can’t live without?" I was thinking cell phone when I started reading the question but after I read the "can’t live without," I answered, "water." Not trying to be Mr Smartypants, I just got caught up in the conundrum that is, ‘answer what was asked,’ or ‘answer what I thought they meant to ask.’

Rear storage area diamond deck plate

I have a very small dog that I some times take ridding in my 570 with me in the forest. He rode in the rear storage area. That place was very hot. I bought a piece of aluminum diamond deck plate and a piece of 1/2" ply wood. I cut those two to fit in the storage area. Between them I put a piece of heat deflecting material.
This area still gets very hot but it makes for a good looking storage surface. I did this job early last year and I thought I would share the pictures with you. The dog was never happy ridding there. He would always end up ridding in my lap.


Done Plowing With My Rzr

As some of you may have followed, plowing snow with my Rzr has not been trouble free.
Maybe I’m a rookie, I don’t know. I plow the neighborhood with a 3/4 ton pick up.
For the last three years, I have also plowed with my now traded in Polaris 550 X2 atv. With zero issues I might add, synthetic line and all.
Gas it up and let the snow fly.
With our new Rzr, I have broken a steel winch line and my new 10′ Tusk synthetic winch line. LOL
My plow seems to have a bad balance which I have not tuned out yet. Or maybe its just a bad design?
This plow has ‘trip’ springs attached. When you hit something underneath the snow, the plow will fold down.
Well I can’t plow anything on gravel without catching/tripping the plow down.
It brings my Rzr to a very sudden, abrupt halt. I am never going more than 10-12 mph I would guess (much less mostly). I can’t gas it up like I did on my atv.
Bumping up the winch results in a large movement of the blade (1-2"). Then I am floating pretty high with the blade and not getting a good cut with the blade.
These abrupt halts has bent my plow attachment pretty good, back into the grill & fairlead.
Now this stands to happen, the blade tripping that is. In fact it happens all to often.
Not a smooth operating plow at all. …I’ve bent the mount on my brand new Rzr.
The mount is not designed strong enough IMO.
Anyhow, I am done being the nice guy and plowing neighbors drives, as its all at my expense. I live in an un-even rural area, not a smooth tract neighborhood…

In my opinion the Polaris Rzr 570 is not a medium duty plow, and should not be used as such.
Its also my opinion not to buy an Rzr 570 with plowing in mind, as I did.
Keep it on smooth surfaces with no rough ice or frozen snow build up.
Sheesh, I didn’t get far with this thing.
I do like this 570 for recreational purposes. But not plowing snow. My 550 X2 atv plowed circles around it.

Just sharing my experience. Go away snow.

Here is my bent mount. I’ll be lucky if they warranty this.

Tusk Anchors

We purchased some Tusk anchors for our 570. Can someone tell us how to access the front top left one to get the washer and nut on? It looks like we may have to drop down the air intake to get to it or the box? That is the only one we haven’t gotten attached. Thanks