no spark trx300fw

Here is my story, just to tell you the near end of the story, The principal actorin this story is desperate at the moment!!!

TRX300FW 1997
Bought it the wire harness had been spread apart, the CDI was defective, the guy I bought it from had it sent to a friend that called him a mecanic but did just more trouble. All parts he put in were from different years and were not the identical. I did purchase a wiring harness, CDI, rectifire, diode, ignition coil and the fuse holder from an accidented 1997 fourtrax. It was fully functionnal before taking the part from it. installed all the parts on my fourtrax, did the routing of the harness with care, exactly as it was on all of them. Bought a new battery and then tried to start the engine…. … no spark except when I release the start button, one spark, I checked all the connection, everything seems to be ok. Call a local repair shop and they told me it could be the rectifire. Maybe it was not a good idea but I decided to install the rectifire I received with the atv. was a real good moment, it started and ran perfectly. what an happy man!!! wait it is not over… I had to place all the wire in the battery compartement and disconnect the red wire of the battery. engine stop, replug, started and ran fine but not charging. left it on a side for 2 weeks and came to start it to diagnose and my battery was empty, recharged the battery and looked for leak. rectifire was draining the battery because one diode is blown, did other testing and stator was outside of specs, suppose to be between .09oms and 0.11oms and got around 0.7oms. removed the stator and brought it to a stator shop that tested it and told me it was good.

They told me it’s sound like a rectifire problem and I know it is defective because it does discharge my battery, so I bought a new rectifire, re-installed everything as the shop manual says. I was sure I was going to have found my problem…. tried to start the engine, nope!!! only a spark when releasing the start button… installed my defective rectifire and it runs perfectly except not charging the battery and when the key is off, it drains my battery. Call the stator shop to ask if it was possible to get a new defective stator, they said they are all tested and they should be good, brought everything back , stator, the 3 rectifire I have and got them check, the new rectifire and the one I bought from the accidented atv are good and the one draining my battery is bad but it make my fourtrax to run. We checked the stator and everything is ok and we compared the oms from a 1992 functionnal fourtrax and it also have .7 oms on the yellow wire…..

Now can someone just make this long story (sorry about that) with an happy ending?

Because I am trying to be logic, if it does run with the defective rectifire, my key switch, on|off switch, CDI and my alarm box should all be ok????? I did try 2 diode and nothing different. HELP ME!!!! :icon_ cry: