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So…Just bought a ’13 Foreman ES… Anything I Need To Know ?

I’ve been looking to upgrade my ’02 Foreman for a while and finally found a suitable replacement. A great condition ’13, ES with 278 miles on it. The bike is for my son and will be the workhorse of our fleet. Just ordered a Cycle Country plow system with a 52" Poly blade complete for 334$ shipped…not bad. The bike came with a Tractor Supply winch but might install a new SuperWinch that I picked up cheap.

Anywayz…… I pick it up tomorrow and will do a complete bumper~to~bumper maintenance for a "new to me" quad… Everything.

Anything else I need to know about these bikes ? Quirks, adjustments or anything else to look out for ?

I really wanted an EPS bike but….couldn’t justify the added expense…Besides..he’s 15 and strong as an ox, he’ll be fine..LOL..:laugh:

Thanks guys and I appreciate your input,

Steve B. & Family

2013 Foreman 500 ES will not show neutral

Bike shows a dash when the ignition is turned on, if I manually put the bike in gear I can get it to start by holding the brake, at that point the shift system works but no neutral. If I do not manually shift the bike into gear the shift system will not work and the bike won’t start. I know it’s in neutral cause I can roll it but it will not show an N on the display. Was getting a DTC 23 so I changed the angle position sensor, no luck… Any thoughts ??

help me please haha

ive added a snorkel kit to a recon its a dual kit and smokes like crazy as in blue flood smoke from what I read it says that dual snorkels feed it enough air but ive read that it better if you downsize the jet it barely will idle and when it does it sounds like it has a big cam in it lol

88 Foreman oil temp sensor

I recently purchased this 88 Foreman (TRX350) and I have noticed one thing after reading through some threads. The fan is on from first turn of the key and I do not get that momentary oil temp light.

So is the first thing people usually go for the temp sensor itself? I have a meter so I could do some troubleshooting if I had a schematic or a verbal on what I should be reading through the sensor.

I imagine the fan running all the time isn;t that big of a deal except for wearing down its life faster.

Click the image to open in full size.

Rear Differential

Recently got a 1996 Honda Fourtrax 300. It’s in great condition and is snorkeled and the only problem I have is getting water in the rear differential. The seals and all are good. I have had several people tell me that all 300’s leaked. I also had a guy tell me to pack the rear end with corn head grease. I ride a pretty good bit cruising around the farm and every few weekends we will do some serious riding in water and mud. Does anybody know anything about using grease? I really don’t want to replace gear oil every time I take it through water. What are the pros and cons of this?

needing help

Just bought a 97 400 fourtrac battery new but goes dead after couple days of sitting can kick start it and battery will charge back up . Last night started it ran few minutes then died and won’t start just turns over even with full charge so I checked the 2 fuses by the battery and the back fuse somebody had put tin foil around it and the plastic cover melted . Question is what does fuse go to ? What should I check first ?

05 Honda TRX350FE recall

A friend of mine told me they had a big recall on the 04-05 TRX350’s and browsing through the recall vins I noticed the TRX350FE I picked up yesterday has a vin within the recall range. I bought this wheeler for my fiancĂ©e and don’t want anything going wrong with the steering which is what I read the recall was about. I don’t need her getting hurt. Does anyone know if Honda will still hold up with the recall or is that something I should call them about? Thanks a lot for any information regarding the subject.