New Ripsaws & Shimmy at 30mph

Looking for some advice. Finally took the bike out with the new 26" Ripsaws mounted on the Polaris SIXR’s. Started down the dirt road and at 30mph the front started to shake. Took it down the tar and watched the front tires, they spun like they were out of round. Looked at the tire and the bead is uneven around the rim. I deflated both front tires, drove it slow with some sharp turns to see if i could maybe even out the bead, then inflated them to 50psi to reseat the bead, then back down to 7psi. Took it for a test drive and not change.

Called the dealer where i bought them from and they were as helpfull as a ………….

Looking for ideas on the next step. :nixweiss:

Thanks !!