New Member, Old Rider

Hello from Texas! Bought a ’09 Grizz SE a few months ago, 4100 miles, 408 hours.
Doing the maintenance now:
Front left wheel bearing, diff seal, brakes and of course left axle shaft due to damaged boot.
Back left axle shaft also due to damaged boot.
Oil change, new air filter.
Doing research on why only the front left brake pads needed changing, paper thin material left but all the rest of the pads have over 50% material left. I don’t think the bearing was bad but it did come apart while removing the hub.
Couple of Questions:
1.) Is there a way to adjust the left/right brakes and if so, where are the instructions for doing this?
2.) One axle nut was damaged and I need to get a die and chase the threads, what size are the threads, including threads per inch (TPI)?
Thanks, I’ll post pics when I can figure out how!!
Livingston, Texas