Need advice on buying a rene

Hey guys..

I’m looking at buying this machine tonight and wanted some input/advice on anything I should be looking for or what you all think.

Renegade 800 blown motor | ATVs | Winnipeg | Kijiji

I’m either gonna fix it and keep of fix her up and sell for profit.. My end goal being a newer rene xxc so I’m pretty sure I wanna sell this one if I can get it running. Location is 20 min from my farm so I’m not driving far at all. I see the engine is stained and the snorkels and all so I know it’s seen it’s fair share of mud, especially with the tires and clutch kit all there. Just curious if you guys think it’s a good deal or not or if I should shy away. I don’t generally like to look at anything snorkeled but I’m looking for some engine work to do in my spare time and this looks like a good project. Not looking to spend much more then a grand on rebuilding it so hopefully it’s nothing too major.

Thanks in advance