My modification thread- 400HO/500HO

Okay, so last summer I set off to do some extensive work on my ATVs. I decided I needed to improve them more to my liking… Well, this ended up being extremely time consuming. I’m done with my 500; it took all last summer. I’m presently working on my 400. Hopefully I can get it finished up in a couple weeks.

Since I failed to take many photos of the process on the 500HO, I’ll be taking them as I work on completing the 400HO. Hopefully some of the things I’m going to post here will be helpful for others. I can always do my best to answer questions and give guidance. I must give Hatzie a lot of credit here. He helped me out a great deal on the work-light/reverse light mod. There is a decent chance I could have figured it out on my own, but it would have taken so incredibly long that I wouldn’t have figured it worth my time. The work alone is time consuming enough.

Here’s my long list of modifications:
-Larger Battery and battery tray
-Bus Bars for +/-
-New battery cables
-Auxillery fuse block
-Battery charge port in fender
-Work/reverse light on three position switch: Reverse/off/on
-Light bar rewire
-LED tail light bulbs
-Cooling fan over-ride for shut-off and turn on: Over-ride on/normal/over-ride off
-Reverse RPM over-ride lock-out
-Convert Yellow over-ride button to a horn button
-New Winches (viper Max 3500)
-Wired winch control port in Fender
-Refinish crappy powder coating on Polaris bumpers
-Fix stripped out self-tapping screw holes

Future additions are going to include:
-Rear mounted power plug for expedient jump/slave cable hook-up
-Coolant temp gauge
-Handle bar mounted mini flood lights
-Polaris LED headlights
-Onboard air compressor
-Heated grips, throttle and seat