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Shim mod

I was going to put an epi clutch kit on my 95 Xplorer but found ut with the exchange rate it’s almost 500 bucks. So I will just do the shim mod for now.

Question is does the shim go on the drive or the driven clutch. Please help.

Shim mod

I was going to put an epi clutch kit on my 95 Xplorer but found ut with the exchange rate it’s almost 500 bucks. So I will just do the shim mod for now.

Question is does the shim go on the drive or the driven clutch. Please help.

Power commander 5 ignition timing on sportsman 1000

Hi guys, first post on the forum. I’ve kept up and read alot on here. There is some great information here. Anyways I recently bought a 15 sportsman 1000 LE to add to the 850. I read all the post about the hot exhaust and had it dyno ed to see what the baseline is. It made 58 hp but the fuel is a flat 14.0 all over. I thought it would richen up at wot but it still the same. My question is I’m probably going to put a power commander 5 on and I’m just wondering what kind of gains anyone has seen with advancing the timing? I’m Going to tune for around 13 afr. And then go for the timing. It just seems like there’s a lot on the table for this engine. Thanks for your advice.

95 xplorer 400

I know this topic is beat to death. But the search function isn’t working for me.

I want to put larger tires on my xplorer, 27" mudlites. Don’t want the sluggishness to go with the larger tires. What springs and or weights should I be looking for?

Thank you

winch wiring

anyone but me had the problem with the wires on their winch being to short the 2 shorter wires that go to the box arent even long enough to reach the terminals on the winch unless the box is mounted to the side.Not above
what fixes do yall have for me?I was thinking splice the wires

Will battery strength affect winch relays?

Second year with the Super windy 2000. I was plowing just fine, then the winch started acting up. It would not lift the plow. I had to hold the switch several seconds before it activated.
I switched the 2 relays around and the issue switched from lifting to lowering. So I figured one of the relays was bad. I purchased 2 new ones.
The new ones did not help. I checked the hoist connections and all were good. I had a trickle charger on the battery all this time.
I put a larger charger on the year old battery with a 50 amp boost. The plow moved up and down but there was still some hesitation when pushing the switch.
I put a load tested on the battery. 13.4v before the load. The load pulled it down to 10.2, and then it read 12.8 after the load.
Does that.e battery need much juice to engage the relays?
Got any ideas for things I should check?

Pre load test….

Load test…….

After the load test…..

Handy battery terminal access

Hi Guys.
Kinda new to the forum, but a while back I asked you guys a million questions after I bought a new 2015 570SP.
One of the questions that I had, and one of my minor complaints was regarding the location of the battery…down underneath and in front of the engine. It’s really hard to get to, and a serious pain to access for things like jumper cables, and my Battery Tender.
I put a plow on mine to remove snow this winter, but I still don’t run it enough to keep the battery charged, so I wanted to plug in the battery tender, but not go through all of the trouble of removing the battery for storage.
After whining about the battery location in a post, someone replied with pictures of his machine that included a quick connect plug in for the battery terminals….so…I stole this idea from him. (This guy had his machine all tricked out for ice fishing I think…pretty cool setup).

Anyways, I thought you guys might be interested in what I did. I bought some heavy duty quick connect two pole plugs, and made a remote access point inside the front luggage compartment. I put a similar plug on my jumper cables, and on my Battery Tender. Now, all I have to do when I need to charge or jump will be to open the front compartment, and the plug is right there and easy to get to….no lying on the ground or removing the battery cover. 🙂

I don’t really know how to load the pictures so that I can write captions….but I included a couple pics anyways….in case anyone wanted to have a look.

I ran out of the plugs, but later I will use one as a cap so that the open ends aren’t exposed inside the compartment.
All I did was to use some 6 gauge wire to make the connections directly to the battery. After figuring out how long to make the wires, I cut them and soldered battery terminal lugs onto one end, and the Anderson plug lugs onto the other. The part that took the most time was trying to get the wires to the battery so that they were out of the way. I drilled a couple holes where I wanted to mount the plug, and secured it with a couple of 6-32 screws. The lugs for the plug itself just snap into the plug, and the plugs easily snap into each other.
Connected the wires to the battery, sealed the holes with a little silicone sealer and I’ve got it trickle charging on the battery tender right now to keep it fresh.

Now….just waiting for spring!

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