My E-85 Aerocharger Experience

Two years ago, Aerocharger installed a turbo system onto my new Polaris RZR 900 4 Seater that we named Shredly. (After my Dash Hula Girl  ) I come from a family of racers and powersports fanatics, so there was no way I was going to leave it stock. I was also looking forward to riding the dunes with my friends all summer, and thought the extra power would be handy for hauling everyone around. Plus the Turbo Sounds SO COOL!! We had a gas station that sold E-85 next to my Dads shop, so I had them set Shredly up to run on it since it made it possible to run more boost without the Cost of buying Race fuel.
Our RZR has been useful, easy to drive, and extremely fun. We have around 1800 miles on it now and we’ve been running 8 pounds of boost. There’s a Kum-&-Go in town where we can buy E-85, and they also have it over by the mountains where we ride. I never really noticed the extra fuel consumption. On one of our rides this winter, we were almost empty by the end of the day. But so was the turbo RZR 1000 we were playing with all day. He rode basically the same distance, and was running straight race fuel.
I put a lot of dune miles on Shredly, and now that we live in Gillette, we can drive it around here in town. My boyfriend Ethan loves to show off the power to all his friends. It’s pretty hilarious. He was giving rides to all the old guys down at the steel recycling scrap yard in town. That place is awesome – it’s like a big gymkhana course. He loves mobbing it around the huge piles of steel, sliding sideways in the dirt, and just scaring the crap out of his passengers with all the power.
We volunteer with our local snowmobile club, and last fall we used the RZR to help stock the safety shelters with firewood. There was maybe a foot and a half of snow on the trails, and we just had the dirt tires on. It worked great – if it’s fresh snow without any base, you can definitely baja it. The RZR is heavy enough that it’s hard to get stuck (and unstuck, lol).
We were following one of our buddies who has a RZR 1000. He’s got a ton of money in it, including a different brand turbo kit. On the way back he kept trying to stomp us out, and every time he looked back, we’d always be right there pushing him. He just couldn’t shake us. Finally he stopped and said "Man, that thing runs pretty good!"
I’ve personally never had any issue with belt life, but I’m smart about it whenever we go climbing. If it’s starts to smell hot, I don’t ever push it past it’s limits. The exhaust system has held up fine, and I’ve never touched the fuel controller. The power band is clean, it’s never had any dead spots or been boggy. Shredly is an awesome RZR, and I wouldn’t change anything about the turbo system.