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Hatfield McCoy For 4 Seater

Im Going to Hatfield McCoy over the 4th of July weekend & staying at Ashland resort. I’m trying to decide on buying a 1000S or a 900s 4. Those of you that have visited the trails with your RZR 4 seaters how did they do on the trails? Did they feel to big on the trail? What about the switchbacks? Were you able to hit most of the trail system comfortably.

myoung84’s 2015 RZR 900-4 EPS Build

Guess I might as well start a build thread. Didn’t expect to mod the RZR much if any but here we are. 😀

Here it is brand new, zero miles leaving the dealer. Bought it on 11/10/15.

Installed a Viper Max 5000 lb winch with synthetic rope and UTV Giant lower doors before my first ride. Didn’t have to use the winch this time out.

Second trip, got high centered in the sand. First time using the winch.

Installed HIDs and ran an 8 gauge wire from the battery to the terminal strip under the hood.

Bought a new 18′ trailer and outfitted it with E Track.

Third trip out, mud was a little deeper than expected and had to pull winch line again.

Paddle tires

I;m looking to get some info on some paddle tires .. I have a 2015 rzr 4 900 , and i have been running 27in sand slingers (14 paddle).. Are these good tires or should i be running something diffrent. My rzr is stock. Thanks

control arms

ok bent the control arm question will the control arm off a 1000 work i found someone doing a swap o his 1000. I can buy them cheap if they will work on my 4 seat 900

2015 900 4 build

I bought this last spring and have been lurking around the forum since then. I finally decided to sign up and post a build and get involved. It is going to be a slow build, but will always be working on something. So here it goes.

Right after picking it up. Bought it with a roof, half windshield and lower doors.

About a week later I took it into the shop for some lighting and sound.
It has 2 pairs of Rockford marine speakers with custom lighting, marine sub, 5 channel amp and Bluetooth controller. It will be getting a power sports head unit in the next month or so just haven’t decided on which one. It also has full RGB led interior lighting and some exterior that will be finished in the following week.

The work begins

Kicks in and done

Overheard done

Didn’t get any pics of sub or amp but will when I tear into it to redo some things.
On to the lighting

Next was getting the wrap done.

Before and after

Stage one complete for stereo and lighting.

Picked up some paddles for it a few weeks later.

Got the paddles on and debadged the rzr.

Went out to utv invasion at st. Anthony sand dunes.

That is it for the moment. The next stage is finishing the stereo and lighting with lighted whips, full underbody lighting and a custom light bar with RGB’s as well. In the months to come I will add a custom roof, full glass windshield, rear window, turbo kit, clutching, and some custom suspension mods(I hope). If I can make the suspension work it will be awesome but I am keeping it under wraps until I know I can make it work.

2 RZR’s to 4 Seater

I currently have the 2 50" RZRs in my signature, and I don’t feel as though I’m using them as much as I’d like due to kids, wife, work, basically life. I’m in Mn and ride all types of trails throughout the state. I’m wondering what everyone’s thoughts are on moving to a 900 4 seater. I would guess about half of my rides include the wife and 2 young kids, so I’m thinking it would be nice to ride maintain and accessorize only one RZR and allow us all to ride together. My biggest concerns are not feeling like the RZR is as fun because of the added size, and it’s always nice to have a 2nd RZR when out for a ride in case something goes wrong. The first one mainly because I can deal with a lot of issues in the woods. There are a few trails I won’t be able to ride, but of the miles I ride each year these miles are pretty small and Mn is definitely moving toward wider trails in general. What does everyone think?

Larger tires on 900-4

Who’s running larger tires on their 15-16 900-4? I’m thinking about new wheels and tires, somewhere in the 28×10-30×10 range. How does this model handle the larger tires on a stock clutch?

Don’t really want to do clutch work if I don’t have to. If that’s required, what’s out there and how much am I looking at?


1k / XPT take offs (wheels and tires)

I know a handful of you are running them, I found an issue and just curious if you guys have seen this and did anything to correct it. I had to modify my front aluminum a-arm guards because they rubbed the inner wheel and I found this…

At full drop and full turn, the tires rub the springs. I did my first ride with them over the weekend. I love the extra 1.5" of clearance (its noticeable) for sure.

Besides the rubbing my breaks also starting squeaking like there was no breaks left….. it was pretty bad.

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