Mud recovery anchor solution?

Hi guys,

In the course of my work I have to get out onto some isolated wet bog. Twice last year I got stuck, managed to get the bike out myself but not without a lot of work. I’m trying to find a simple solution to this problem as I’ll always be solo when out there.

The 450 kodiak I currently ride isn’t equipped with a winch. The ground is very soft and wet even if it were, so anchoring something for the winch to pull on IS an issue – there are no trees out there.

I’ve been looking online at things like picket anchors, and lately the Bog Out type recovery rope that uses a wheel to pull the bike out. Still, anchoring is an issue.

So I thought what better place to ask than here, what do you guys use for an anchor in soft peat bog, when no trees, other bikes etc are available?

Many thanks :smile2: