MCX low boost turbo ….. clutch help

Trying to get some information on what clutch set-up / parts I would need …

I have brought a 2012 xp900 , set up with a MCX low boost turbo kit with intercooler . Had it for about a year or so , goes well , had a few small issuse’s with it but getting them sorted now .
I’m running a set of 30"x9 ITP Baja Cross tyres all round .

Looking at the MCX website , they supply clutch parts to suit the turbo kit. I am unsure of whats in it at the moment .

What clutch parts would I need to get the most out of the turbo without putting undue stress on the axles / cv’s due to the 30" tyres ?

Looking for some help from someone experienced as over here ( Aus ) there just doesn’t seem to be that much information .