Love my Polaris but………..

I do feel they have went to far!:rm_thumbdown:

The new accessory attachment bolt/wedges are just absolutely F%$*ing worthless!!!!

Yes you can get them out and reuse them once if you careful but come on Polaris this is just plain STUPID!! 😡

I am however sure they are just trying to soak us for more cash because we have already spent how much on their gear?

I am also sure that they paid some jack-off engineer to design a non-reusable attachment system that we would need to buy because they really think we will have to buy it?

Wow Polaris, you guys are really hard up for cash? Even after your accessories sky high in price?

Anyone priced the 6 bolt attachment kit? 40 bucks? Are you serious? If you buy the wedges alone they are $12 each? OMFG!!

Rant over!! :/