Looking for answers to possibly stupid questions

1)I’ve been trying to find information about how the clutch’s work on a grizzly 660. I didn’t find much except spring and shims but no explanation on how all they work and what they do. I have never torn into one and if its that’s involved in the motor and drive I usually have somebody else do it for me.
2) I purchased a 08 grizzly 660 and just got done putting 26" swamplites on it. I feel like it lost power in the low end but it is still there in the top end. I don’t have a need to go super fast but would like there to be more torque at least enough to get the front wheels up and off the ground and spin the tires when I do get into the mud so if I get a kit what should I really look into

Any information helps and is very much appreciated this site has never led me astray thanks in advanced