JBS shipping/order time?

I ordered some slugs about 10-11 days ago and got a confirmation on the order, but no shipping info, as in shipped or expected to ship on xxx date. I have no tracking info either. I have sent a couple emails with no response and also called last week. I was told they shipped on Thursday (4-16-15), and I should have them possibly Saturday but most likely Monday (4-20-15). I was also told I should get an email with tracking info. I haven’t yet and it is Wednesday. She did say they had some issues with the computer setup and had just become grandparents so my order had not shipped as fast as usual. I am not complaining, just curious on what the average turn around time for sluggs ONLY from JBS is. I am in North Florida for location info. Not a complaint, just wondering if I should be worried they are lost in transit, or if there is usually no follow up email with shipping info sent out on the orders. Thanks.