How to adjust the clutch on utility atv’s

Ok gang, I see a lot of members, new and old ?..having trouble with their atv’s not wanting to move ?, jumping when put into gear ?. so here is a simple way to adjust your clutch for any atv model that has a auto clutch. here is how I do them, I will loosen the 14mm locking nut on the front cover, then I turn the center screw/bolt counter clockwise until I starts to feel tight ?. then I go back roughly 1/4 in clockwise, then I tighten down the lock nut while holding the center screw/bolt in place. check to see if you adjusted it correctly ?, get on, start the atv up, with your left foot ( if your on a manual shift ? ), lift the foot shift lever up…AND HOLD IT THERE !, while doing this..rev the throttle..the atv should not move at all ?. let off on the throttle back down to idle. then let the foot shift lever back down. again..the atv should not move ” creep ” at all ?..until you give it throttle !. if it is idling to high ?..when you let the foot shift will move, ” creep ”. if for some reason it moves at all when you lift the foot shift lever up and holding it there..and it wants to move ?..then turn it off, go back and re-do the adjusting..because it is not right !. your aiming for a smooth shift..and to get a smooth shift ? have to have the clutch adjusted right !. your asking me..”ok shade..i did the adjusting like you said”..but it will not move ” ???..ok..then do this..if you look on the front cover for the words <— decrease, increase —-> ( these words maybe covered in mud ? ) but they are they !!!. loosen the lock nut again, and turn the center nut some more clockwise, tighten down the lock nut while holding the center screw/bolt. then start it up, shift it into gear..and see if it ” grabs ” better ?..if it does not ?..then more than likely..your change clutch friction disk are worn too much ?..and no matter how many times you adjust the clutch ? won’t help !. you will need new friction disk. can remove the front cover, ( drain the oil, or flip it on its rear end )…and pull the centrifugal clutch, then the change clutch, and get the friction disk out, and mic them, and see if they are still within spec’s ?, if they are out of service limit ?, then will need new friction disk. please keep in mind…YOU CAN NOT USE REG AUTO OIL IN ATVS !..THEY HAVE TO HAVE OIL MADE FOR ENGINES WITH A WET CLUTCH !!!..if you use reg auto oil ?..then the clutches will slip in due time !..and all your going to do is burn your clutches up !. I hope this helps at least one person on here ?..if not ?..well.i tried !