Hopefully it is fixed now

Well the third front Differential, in the video was the first then they put a new one in and it was fine but then they said it happened from the front shaft being out of balance and mine was by allot, so they put a new shaft in, and 600 miles it never did it then one day, spinning in 2 WD it went bang, front wheels where snapping in in 2WD, so call Dealer, they say new heavy duty front Differential, so he calls last week and says its in took it down on Tuesday and picked it up on Thursday, so we ill give her a whirl,
Thanks Polaris for fixing it and coming out with a new and improved version and between the 4 times at the dealer, not one visit was more then 3 days great Dealer to work with, when it comes to problems, the dealer is everything, thanks Vetters sales and service, Kasota Mn.