HMF exhaust sound on a one thumper

Hey everybody,
I have wanted to make my bike sound unique for awhile now and have spent a lot of time scouring the web for videos of different exhaust systems. The 850’s really do sound sweet with an HMF and I love the new sound they get.
I am not looking for a noise maker, or that loud straight pipe sound that some pipes make. Just about everyone who puts an HMF on a 500 goes for the XL, so it’s even harder to know what the regular swap would sound like. If I do this I would get the regular swamp series and run the quiet core so nobody is bothered when I go out on trails. Has anybody heard one of these and can you say if the bike had a better grumble/rumble/deep tone to it, or was it just the raspy loud noise?

I have a 40mm pumper carb on my old 99 now, so she’s breathing like and HO now, and I’m curious if the pipe helps me gain a little power. If it doesn’t then who cares, I’m in this for the sound.

Hopefully someone can offer some experience. Thanks