Hesitation off idle

Got 900 with 180 hours on it and the thing is running weird, when you give it gas it hesitates and stumbles, it will die if you hit the gas too hard.

If you press the gas lightly it revs out but still runs kinda rough.

I tried everything I could think of, swapping the CPS, throttle body and TPS, ECU, fuel pump is at 45psi, temp sensor is working correctly, air box on and airbox off, compression is 190 both cylinders, 15% leakdown both cylinders, valve clearance is in spec, timing didn’t jump, cleaned the grounds, no check engine lights, checked the wiring from the TPS to the ECU and it’s all good.

I’m really at a loss here, thinking of taking it to the dealer and having them hook a computer up to it but they said 2 weeks just to look at it so any ideas on what to check next would be awesome.